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Founded in 2019, ROJECO is a smart pet product technology company integrating research and production. It is committed to creating various high-end smart products for pets and the development of the pet health industry. The R&D team creates each product carefully by understanding pet behavior, psychology, and emotional interaction, and combining artificial intelligence and technological innovation. The company has a professional R&D team that specializes in developing and improving different kinds of pet products. The products are famous for high quality, high safety, good material selection, and fine craftsmanship. Inspect and review our products in strict accordance with international standards to ensure that each product can meet the needs and expectations of customers. Committed to providing consumers with first-class quality and humanized pet energy products, becoming the preferred brand for scientific and technological pet care.


ROJECO currently has a diversified product matrix of smart feeders, smart drinking fountains (radar sensor), smart cat litter boxes, all-in-one beauty machines, folding drying boxes, etc.; select high-quality materials, provide a good user experience, and provide customers with better products and services through continuous innovation and progress. Pet owners can take better care of their pets, making them happier and healthier in their lives.


Brand Positioning: To become the preferred brand for feeding pets with technology
Brand Vision: Pet owners can take better care of their pets
User value: Feeding pets with technology, a new experience